Why use lasers?


Cosmetic laser treatments are becoming more and more common in cosmetic clinics. While the technology is still relatively new, the sudden uptake in this method is now preferred by many clinics who want to treat patients quickly and get the maximum results possible from the minimal amount of risks. And while it’s all good and well that anyone can get easier access to a laser, you might be asking yourself why someone would want to use lasers over long standing traditional treatments.

I’m going to help break that all down for you.

So why use lasers?

Simply put,  a laser treatment is a safer way of treating certain medical and cosmetic conditions in the body without the prescribed level of risk that comes from traditional treatments.

What can lasers do better?

Lasers are ideal at treating very precise areas. For example, a very common laser treatment you’ll hear about is laser tattoo removal. It involves a laser being passed over the area of a tattoo to break down the skin cells the ink pigment is in and try to get skin looking as close to normal. Now while this might result in some blistering for a while in the tattoo area, it is much better than the original treatment options for tattoo removal which included cyrotherapy to freeze the skin and pick off the tattoo, abrasion of the skin to cause bleeding and rubbing the area with ¬†Trichloroacetic acid to burn off layers of skin. Now all someone has to let a laser pop the pigment and rub some after-sun on the treated skin.

Why do lasers not cause harm?

There is a higher level of control at play with their use. The level of power needed to improve eyesight won’t be as strong as what’s needed to remove a wart and because of this, it is possible for a laser to penetrate through skin without leaving a mark.

Are there any risks with using lasers?

There are some minor risks which aren’t much to worry about. We’ve compiled them on this page of the site.

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