Types of laser treatment


While on a general level laser treatments all do the same thing in helping skin to enact a positive change, the types of laser treatment out there are highly varied. Here are some of the different types of laser treatment you can get at a cosmetic clinic and what each one does.

Laser Resurfacing

One of the main benefits of working with laser as that it can show improvements incredibly fast when working over large and delicate areas. Laser resurfacing is a great treatment for this problem for anyone who has texture issues on their skin. Resurfacing works by promoting the concentration of collagen bonds under the surface and getting the upper layers to smooth out. You’ll find this is a great way to treat adults who had acne when they were younger and want to get rid of the dimple effect it has left on cheeks.

Laser Eye Surgery

This was the first type of laser treatment to become popular but many people don’t know exactly how laser eye surgery works. If you’ve been to get your eyes tested, you’ll know there is a part of an examination where an optician will shine a light directly in to your eye and have a look about. When they do this they’re trying to gauge if you might have any problems with your vision by seeing what the condition of your cornea is like.

When someone wants to correct their vision (whether they’re short or long sighted) a laser can help do this by changing the thickness of the cornea. For example, if you are short sighted and images in the distance are blurred, you have a cornea that is too steep like in the image above. This thickness is what is limiting how well one can see. With a laser treatment the front of the cornea can be “shaved” down with a laser to improve how far someone can see.

This type of laser treatment can also be used to help people who have an astigmatism in their eyes as their cornea will be more oddly shaped.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Arguably the second most popular treatment after eye surgery, tattoo removal is a lengthy but rewarding process to help get rid of tattoos that someone doesn’t want anymore. The intensity of the laser used here is much greater as we want to alter the physical state of the skin. Tattoos are made up of ink pigment which rest under the skin as they’re drawn in with a needle that pierces the epidermus.

Because a tattoo sits in such a deep yet visible position, getting rid of it involves a laser being able to penetrate that deeply down without harming any tissue underneath. The treatment is incredibly impressive due to the fact that the ink needs to be raised by a few hundred degrees in order to break down. Lasers can act so quickly that this happens in nanoseconds and patients don’t really feel the sudden deep change in temperature, although they can feel what is known as “snapping” where the laser seems to nip at skin while it works.

Laser Hair Removal

As well removing pigmentation, lasers can also remove full hairs from follicles. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution for those who don’t want to have hair in certain areas. Mainly used as a treatment for females on the legs, lasers can penetrate through a follicle and inhibit future growth.


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