Risks of laser treatment


Pointing a laser at your face, arms, legs or eyes can sound extremely scary, especially when you don’t know what the risks involved with any type of laser treatment are.

To help demystify any concerns you might have, here is a handy guide highlighting some of the potential risks of laser treatments.

It will feel hot afterwards

For anyone who’s spent a little too long out in the sun trying to get a tan, you’ll know the pain that comes in the evening when you discovered you’ve got sunburn. For anyone receiving a laser treatment to remove a tattoo, you will feel a similar experience a few hours afterwards. This is due to the treatment having to disrupt skin enough to lift the ink pigments out.

You’ll have heavy eyes

When you get laser eye surgery, even though your eyes don’t actually have any nerve endings to feel sore, the surrounding area has been put under a lot of strain over a very short period. Most people who get treatment on their eyes will often feel like they’ve got very heavy bags under their eyes and may get a little puffiness under the eyelids, which is completely normal.

You can’t wear makeup

If you’re having any type of laser treatment on your face it is advised that you don’t wear any makeup for a day. The skin that has been treated needs time to recover, and placing any foundation on right away will cause irritation and make it harder for skin easily susceptible to change to get back in working order.

Hair will fall out (but in a good way)

Laser hair removal doesn’t get rid of hair instantly. It works to break down the follicle and stop the regrowth of hair in a certain area. That means that for a few days or weekd after treatment you might find yourself seeing a few very short hairs on the bathroom floor when you’re getting in and out of the shower.

You might get Hypo-pigmentation

This risk is only associated with people who have a much darker skin tone. It is very rare and will only last for a day or two while skin adjusts to the change caused by a laser.

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